Support local businesses with MiM Maker's Market

Updated: Apr 11

We are repurposing our Midlothian Makers Network Facebook group to be an online Midlothian Maker’s Market. The current climate means that those businesses that would normally be selling at local markets and events, can't because they've been cancelled. We would like to be able to offer an alternative. Amazon is making a killing out of this and small businesses are folding like never seen before. Hopefully, we can help some of those businesses survive and encourage people to shop locally instead!

We need everyone to invite all their friends and customers to make this a success. Treat this group just like a market, use good quality pictures, clear posts regarding prices and delivery/postage options and most importantly keep it fresh. The only limit is one post per day but we ask that if you share a post take a minute to check the feed, like or comment on other people's posts. This is our community and we are in this together, let’s pull each other through this tough time! We can make a difference to our local economy.

Remember, if you are struggling financially that you don’t need to hand over money to support a local business. Tag a friend, comment or share. It is amazing what a difference that can make to someone’s emotional, and financial, wellbeing.


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